Who we are

Puran Electric is one of Suppliers :We are the supplier of choice for electronic components, factory automation, and industrial lighting components. About, Services, Products, Contact Us Puran Electric is Leading Company & Manufacturer of ELECTRICAL Rotating & Static Machines Coils, Services Providers for Supply of Spares.We have more than Twenty Years of Experience in the Field of Testing, Servicing, Overhauling, Repairing, Rewinding Re-manufacturing, Revamping of All Types of AC|DC Motors, Alternators, Power Distribution Transformers, Medium and High Frequency Induction Furnace, Welding Generators, Clutch Brakes & any Type of Electrical Rotating & Static Machines.

We provide same day response and quick delivery of all kinds of AC|DC Motors, Generator Set Rewinding, Repairing AC Electric Panel, Power Factor Panel, and AC Drive Panel, Stator Coils, Armature Coils, Generator Coils, Field Coils, Main Coils & industrial electric rotating & static machines repair facilities we receive the job same day depending on equipments.